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Economic Diplomacy in a Changing World by Maxime Verhagen and Henk Bleker in HJD

Revenge of the mainstream? Veronica Rappoport in the Journal of Economic Literature

Veronica Rappoport of Columbia University published a 2+ page review in the Journal of Economic Literature. Vol. XLIX (September 2011), 747-9 The review is highly critical and thus recommended for further reading: 
... he consciously maintains an intuitive analysis, avoiding overtheoretical arguments and overlooking thoroughness in favor of clarity in the empirical sections. This goal is not always achieved; important points are often ignored or lost in spurious details, and the most up-to-date evidence is either absent or misrepresented. As a result, this book fails to serve as a survey on the empirical work on the Great Trade Collapse or as a bridge between scholarly work and the general audience.The review gives three concrete examples of literature that was not included:

Chor, Davin, and Kalina Manova. 2010. “Off the Cliff and Back? Credit Conditions and International Trade during the Global Financial Crisis.” National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper 16174.Haddad, Mona, An…