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  On the Brink of Deglobalization is available on, and have set the front matter, index and any introductory chapter is free to download. The main link is but you can also find the URL web address for individual chapters as well

Risk of deglobalisation

From Deep Globalisation to the Risk of Deglobalisation: the Rise of Local-Contentism November 12, 2013 •  Capitalism in the 21st Century ,  EMERGING TRENDS ,  GLOBAL ECONOMY ,  In-depth , International Relations By Marcos Troyjo As the world transitions from ‘Deep Globalisation to Deglobalisation’, economic policies based on a ‘Doctrine of Local Content’ take center stage. As a consequence, the global economy underperforms. Below, Marcos Troyjo argues that Reglobalisation can only resurface if countries move away from ‘Local-Contentism’ and closer to a productive interdependence turning out ‘Made in the World’ goods. Read more in  world financial review