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anti-globalism and the increasingly-less-Global North

A remarkable ‘big switch’  has emerged from the turn of the millennium in terms of attitudes towards and discourses over globalisation. But while the world is currently witnessing a new backlash against economic globalisation, considerable support for globalisation within some parts of the Global South should not be overlooked.:

Deglobalisation 2.0

A new blog series on deglobalisation with Peter van Bergeijk as gueast editor is appearing at BLISS

gobalisation or deglobalisation?

Google scholar hits date accessed March 16 2018 A discussion between webeditors about the proper spelling of the word deglobalization or deglobalisation stimulated some research that reveals that spelling matters and that an internet search should recognize this. On the brink was incidentally launched at the top of the deglobalization wave

Role of uncertainty now also confirmed at micro economic level

Economic and Policy Uncertainty: Export Dynamics and the Value of Agreements Jeronimo Carballo ,  Kyle Handley ,  Nuno Limão NBER Working Paper No. 24368 Issued in March 2018, Revised in March 2018 NBER Program(s): International Trade and Investment   We examine the interaction of economic and policy uncertainty in a dynamic, heterogeneous firms model. Uncertainty about foreign income, trade protection and their interaction dampens export investment. This can be mitigated by trade agreements, which are particularly valuable in periods of increased demand volatility. We use firm data to establish new facts about U.S. export dynamics in 2003-2011 and estimate the model. We find a significant role for uncertainty in explaining the trade collapse in the 2008 crisis and partial recovery in its aftermath. Consistent with the model predictions, we find that the negative effects worked (1) through the extensive margin, (2) in destinations without preferential agreements with the U.S. (a