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Disdier and Marette,Globalization Issues and Consumers’ Purchase Decisions for Food Products: Evidence from a Lab Experiment, EAAE 2011 Congress, Zurich

For example, 43% of respondents to the Eurobarometer public opinion surveys published by the European Commission in autumn 2008 think that globalization represents a threat to employment and companies in the European Union (European Commission, 2008). This negative feeling combined with the 2008 financial crisis led to fears of new protectionism (van Bergeijk, 2010).

Economic History

The one is not enough paper that attacks the consensus view explaining that that consensus is right for the 1930s but wrong for the 2000s was presented at the European Historical Economics Society (Dublin September 2011) and the INFER workshop on the Economic History of Globalization  (Leuven, October 2011)