Is terrorism, poverty, and refugees the dark side of globalization?

Mario Arturo Ruiz Estrada, Donghyun Park, Alam Khan and Muhammad Tahir present a new model on the impact of terrorism on the Deglobalization process. The channels are faster poverty expansion, largest flows of refugees, expansion of trade protectionism, and last but not least, the dramatic expansion of economic desgrowth. They apply their DGE-Model to three Muslim countries, namely Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan in the period  1999–2018, a period which witnessed acceleration of Deglobalization and expansion of terrorism in those three countries.

Estrada, Mario Arturo Ruiz, Donghyun Park, Alam Khan, and Muhammad Tahir. "Is terrorism, poverty, and refugees the dark side of globalization?." Quality & Quantity (2019): 1-13.


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